• A wire mesh partition wall formed by wire mesh panels with black powder coated surface is standing on the ground.
  • Two wire mesh partitions for transit connecting are fixed in the cars, and they both have powder coated surface to ensure a long service life.
  • A security cage with black powder coated surface, and it is formed by plain woven wire mesh panels with strong structure.

Wire Mesh Partitions Create Independent Areas

The wire mesh partitions we manufactured are generally divided into three kinds, standard wire mesh partitions, heavy duty wire mesh partitions and transit connect partitions.

Standard and heavy duty wire mesh partitions mainly have three kinds of applications:


Using wire mesh panels and posts forms wire mesh partition walls, then put the partition walls into warehouses or factories, letting the two ends of the partition to be fixed to the walls by wall clip kits, then the place would be cut into several parts as you required.

Wire mesh partition walls could cut the houses into different parts for different storage applications.

A wire mesh partition wall with aqua powder coated surface, one of its ends is fixed to the wall.
Independent areas

Our wire mesh panels can also form independent areas with posts, corner posts and sliding gates or hinged doors, sometimes the roof panels are also needed. Those kind of independent areas are not only used for storage, but also can be used as office areas.

Wire mesh panels together with posts and corner posts would form an independent area for storage or office use.

Wire mesh partitions form independent areas with service windows.
Isolate machines

Wire mesh partitions can also be used to isolate machines or other equipment. Sometimes the machines are dangerous, and people should get away from those machines. In a limited place, isolate the dangerous machine from people by wire mesh partitions is you ideal choice. And sometimes the machines are precious and precise, people's touch might influence their operation. Under such condition, wire mesh partitions are necessary.

Wire mesh partitions can isolate machines from people so as to protect both machines and people.

A white machine is surrounded by wire mesh partitions with dark green powder coated surface.

The shining points of PATI wire mesh partitions:

  • Adjustable
    The various combinations of wire mesh panels, posts, corner posts, service windows and hinged doors or sliding gates would ensure the combined wire mesh partitions perfectly fit the size of rooms. And our wire mesh panels can be expanded or dismounted according to your needs.
  • Security
    First, the steel frames have high tensile strength, especially the heavy duty wire mesh partitions, their whole structures are reinforced by C-shaped steel channels which are very hard to cut off. So when the door is shut, it is very difficult to get in.
    Second, our wire mesh partitions provide high visibility, and the wire mesh structures allow the flow of water. So the fire can be easily found and then put out by water.

As you can see, our wire mesh partitions could satisfy all your needs and requests, and you are sure to find what you really want in our company. Do not hesitate any more.

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  • Wire mesh partitions formed by wire mesh panels, strong frames and posts have high rigidity for tool house and warehouse applications.

  • Heavy duty wire mesh partitions have more reinforcement to the frames, so as to ensure certain safety factor for important equipment or other machines.

  • Wire mesh partitions for transit connect are widely installed in many cars to separate the drivers from the pets in the boot, so as to protect them.

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