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We Offer Wire Mesh Partitions Meet Your Segregation Need

The PATI Wire Mesh Partition Company was established in 2010 as a professional manufacturer of wire mesh partitions, heavy duty partitions and transit connect partitions. We introduced advanced overseas technologies, forming the powerful technical support system for our company, as well as the growth of qualified personnel team, all of them have instilled new vitality into the development of our company.

Our workers know that their dedication contributes to the company's prosperity, so they attach great importance to the details of the products, making perfection more perfect. And they work strictly according to the standards and the requests of customers, so as to produce qualified and satisfied products. Manpower is the prime driver for the growth of an organization. It is our workers' endeavors make today's company.

Three pictures represent the meaning of talent, innovation and responsibility.

For more information about PATI Wire Mesh Partition Company, please contact us at samuel@enzarindustry.com, and we will reply as soon as possible.