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Wire Mesh Partitions Help Segregating Products

PATI Wire Mesh Partition Company manufactures qualified wire mesh partitions. Sometimes they are also called security cages. When you have security needs of partitioning and securing areas with controlled access, or when you want to segregate your warehouse or office area, our wire mesh partitions are your first and best choice. The main body of the partitions is made from wire mesh panels. The wire meshes are welded or woven by 10 gauge steel wires and then firmly welded inside sturdy steel frames, which turning into wire mesh panels. Those panels would be bolted to square steel tubing posts, creating a rigid modular wall. And the height of the modular wall is up to you. The surface of every part of our wire mesh partition is powder coated to resist corrosion and rust. PATI wire mesh partitions are widely used in tool rooms, stock rooms and warehouses.

A wire mesh partition with blue powder coated surface forms a restricted area in a warehouse.

Powder coated surface would help resist corrosion and rust so as to provide long service life.

A wire mesh partition wall formed by welded wire mesh panels, the white powder coated surface provide a beautiful looking.

Wire mesh partitions could not only form restricted areas but also form partition walls for segregation.

Classifications of wire mesh panels:

Welded wire mesh panels
A spot welded wire mesh panel with black powder coated surface welded to steel frame.

The welded wire mesh panel has flat even surface, and the black powder coated surface helps resist corrosion and anti-rust.

Woven wire mesh panels (the most popular one)
A plain woven wire mesh partition with galvanized surface and rigid steel frame.

Woven wire mesh partitions have high strength and different weaving types according to customers' request.

Chain link wire mesh panels
A chain link wire mesh panel with steel frame and grey powder coated surface.

Chain link wire mesh panels can form partitions with beautiful looking.

Crimped wire mesh panels
A grey powder coated crimped wire mesh panel with steel frame and there are ten tabs on the frame.

The tabs on the frame could provide easy and quick installation.

Expanded metal wire panels
A expanded metal wire partition creates an independent area on the ground.

Expanded metal wire panels are manufactured from a single sheet of steel, and this kind of panels are difficult to climb or cut.

Structure details:

  1. Wire mesh panels:
    • Material: 10-gauge steel wire, stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire.
    • Wire diameter: 1.2mm - 8mm.
    • Width: 1' - 12'.
    • Height: 4' - 10'.
    • Mesh size: 50 × 50, 50 × 100, 50 × 150, 50 × 200, 60 × 120.
    • Features: easy to install; solid and rigid structure.
  2. Fill-A-Gap panel:
    Help filling the space between the panels and the walls or the space between panels, it is smaller than the general panels dimension.
  3. Posts:
    • Dimension: 2" W × 2" D × 8' H.
    • Materials: high strength steel, steel tubes.
    • Be used to connect every 2 panels to provide rigidity.
    • Allows floor anchoring to increase stability.
  4. Detailed structure of a general wire mesh partition with steel posts, frames, wire mesh panels and a hinged door, and the surface is grey powder coated.

    Our wire mesh partitions have strong and rigid structure ensured by strong steel frames and wire mesh panels, so as to ensure a long service life.

  5. Corner posts:
    • 1-1/4" × 1-1/4" × 1/8' angle steel or 1-1/4" × 1-1/4" × 1/8' square tube.
    • Required for each right angle corner connection.
    • With holes on both sides to fit wire mesh panels.
    • Easily attaches to floor.
  6. Hinged door:
    • 3' W × 8' H.
    • Each door has three sturdy butt hinges which clinch the door to wire mesh panels.
    • Can be hinged in either direction according to the left-hand or right-hand access.
    • A 3" wide C-channel stiffer post could add extra strength and durability.
    • Equipped with pad lock lugs.
  7. Sliding gate:
    • 3' W × 8' H.
    • The ball-bearing suspension and the enclosed sturdy track kit provide easy sliding and help prevent the gate from misalignment.
    • Can be installed to slide in either direction.
    • The gate stop prevents the gate from slamming and keeps the gate in line.
  8. A hinged door with sturdy steel frames and 3 butt hinges which clinch the door to the wire mesh panels.

     Hinged door: the sturdy butt hinges would provide flexible open and shut of the door, and the lock can ensure safety.

    A detailed structure of a sliding gate including a ball-bearing suspension, two track kits and a locker receiver and gate stop.

    Sliding gate: the ball-bearing suspension and the track kits keep the gate in line and make a strong structure.

  9. Service windows:
    • Metal sheet hinged service window.
    • Sliding service window.
  10. A metal sheet hinged service window is mounted in a wire mesh panel, and it is clinched to the frame by two butt hinges.

    The metal sheet hinged service window is durable and has certain safety factor.

    An opened sliding service window with powder coated surface and it is reinforced by strong steel frame.

    The sliding service window can slide shut to enclose panel for security and it allows minimal access for security applications.

  11. Floor sockets:
    • 1-1/4" × 1-1/4" × 2".
    • Materials: lightweight aluminum or cast iron.
    • Fits 2 panels side-by-side to keep panels in alignment.
    • Allows floor anchoring to anchor post legs.
    • Ensuring the stability of wire mesh partition.
  12. Frame:
    • Vertical frames: 1-1/4" × 5/8" × 8' C-shaped steel channels.
    • Horizontal frames: 1" × 1/2" steel channels, and joints are mortised and tenoned.
    • Center frames: two 1" × 1/2" channels riveted end to end through the mesh.
  13. Two floor sockets made of lightweight aluminum and having holes on both sides for floor anchoring.

    The floor sockets ensure the wire mesh panels in alignment and increase the stability of wire mesh partitions.

    A corner of a wire mesh partition with grey powder coated surface and C-shaped channel protecting the vertical frame

    The sturdy steel frames ensure the stability and rigidity of the whole structure of wire mesh partition.

    A metal wall clip kit attaches the wire mesh panel to the wall.

    To ensure the upright positioning of the wire mesh partition, the wall clip kits are needed to attach the wire mesh panels to the wall.

  14. Wall clip kit:
    • Can help the wire mesh panels be easily attached to the walls.
    • Ensure the upright positioning of the wire mesh partition.
    • Each wall connection needs a set of 3 wall clips.
  15. Surface treatment:
    • Electro galvanized.
    • Hot-dipped galvanized.
    • PVC dipped coating.
    • Powder coated with your chosen color.
    • Electrostatic spraying polyester.


  • Powder coated or galvanized surface ensures a beautiful, durable and corrosion resistant structure.
  • Easy to install with simple tools and also simple to adjust and extend.
  • Modular system of wire mesh panels, which is adjustable to every area.
  • The wire mesh structure creates high visibility security areas and ensures an easy access for fire protection.
  • The strong steel frames ensure long service life.


PATI wire mesh partitions are widely used in warehouses, basements, industries and other storage areas for separating, segregating and securing.

Something on shelves are secured by a wire mesh partition.

Wire mesh partitions can be used for securing important things.

An area is separated from the public ground by a wire mesh partition.

In the outside place, wire mesh partitions can also be used to create independent areas for storage.

An equipment system is surround by a wire mesh partition.

Wire mesh partitions can be used to protect the equipment, ensuring the normal operation.

A machine is surrounded by a wire mesh partition in a factory.

Wire mesh partition can be used to ensure the safety of workers when some dangerous machines are operating.

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